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Wisdom Speeks/Whop- Lead Vocals/Saxophone

Dana Renee- Featured Vocals
Milestyles- Keyboards
Rich Fingaz- Keyboards
Joe Breezy- Guitar
​Shoc Boogie - Bass
Baby Girl - Drums

Wisdom Speeks Band & Show has been illuminating audiences with a unique style of music they like to call Global Soul under the leadership of Whop Craig aka Wisdom Speeks who formed the band in 2009. They have become quite the talk of the town as it pertains to the live band circuit in the DMV, fusing jazz, hip-hop, reggae, and latin elements with the DC street beat. Wisdom Speeks’ fan base is both young and old, rich and poor, and all come to appreciate WS brand of musical storytelling and the creative and distinctive arrangements that resonates in the hearts and heads of listeners long after the music stops. Their goal is to communicate to all who care to hear the message in the music which is to celebrate life, and spread love through unified positivity, which is conveyed in the lyrics in a style that only Whop can deliver. “Tomorrow is not promised to anyone so I tell the truth today because with wisdom there is hope that opportunity can bring peace,” Whop adds. Producing music since the age of 15, and with extensive amounts of experience with live bands over the years, Whop felt it was only right that members of WS be of a similar background. So through trial and error he assembled professional musicians who are exceptional producers and songwriters, and who can leave their egos at home. Together they strive for perfection with the goal to be a high-quality band in not only the DC area, but worldwide.